About a GoogleApps domain

About a GoogleApps domain It is about a GoogleApps domain on August 09, 2012. The domain present in use which can use Gmail in a its company domain can be shifted to GoogleApps as it is. A domain can be applied with the domain indicated not on @gmail.com but on the card etc. It is not necessary to change the domain which can use a its company domain by Gmail. GoogleApps Gmail setup steps The setup steps of GoogleApps are indicated so that Gmail can be used in a corporate domain. Since a place where one has gone can also check e-mail, working efficiency improves markedly. Domain attestation The domain used now is attested. An authentication method has the following. DNS setup which uploads an authority file on a domain route (test.com/) A TXT record is changed. GoogleAnalytics is installed. Time does not require the method of "uploading an authority file", either, but it is especially efficient. Account creation A mail account present in use is created. CSV is created and shelf registration is also possible. Family name, name, mail address, company name, test, Taro, t-test@test.jp, and incorporated company test mailing list creation each mailing list is created. It is attached at once and shelf registration is possible to 25 addresses. DNS setting MX record change The existing MX record is deleted and the following is registered newly.

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